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Boost The Performance Of Your Online Lawyer Site With Help From Lawyer SEO

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More and more lawyer firms are making their presence felt online. This helps clients to find them easily and avail of their services. You will be surprised to know that an increasing number of people prefer to contact attorneys online instead of wasting their time running from one physical office to the other. Are you a professional lawyer who has recently launched his website, but are finding it difficult to get clients through it? The harsh reality is that individuals searching for lawyers online do not have the time or patience to wade through pages of search engine results, when they are searching for a specific lawyer. You need to make your page optimized for search engines so that they appear at the top of search results. This is where you need the help of lawyer SEO professionals like http://www.apricotlaw.com/lawyer-seo/


Urgent need for car accident lawyer

Individuals need a lawyer by their side as soon as possible, following a vehicle accident, be it due to their driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or otherwise. It is the same if another vehicle crashes into their car, damaging the vehicle and causing injury to its occupants. The faster the attorney arrives at the crash scene the better. He will be able to assess factors leading to the crash, take photographs of the site, collect evidence if any, and interview witnesses who have seen the event. He will also interact with your insurance firm to ensure that you receive the amount due. In such circumstances, individuals use their smartphones to search the net for a car accident lawyer and contact those who appear at the top of the search results. If your website is not optimized for search engines properly, they will never find it.

I engaged a professional SEO firm for the job

You might have used the services of a specialized SEO company. However, does the staff of that company have any idea of legal parlance? Such companies might be conversant with SEO, but it is a different ball game when it comes to optimizing a legal related website.


The professional needs to:

• Find out mistakes in the text of your site
• Understand the type of keywords or key phrases individuals are likely to search for and integrate them on your site.
• Include mobile friendly code so that your site renders properly on all types of screens
• Avoid stuffing the landing page with too much graphics, since this slows down the time the page takes to download on the smartphone of your prospective client.
• Remove Flash coding and replace it with HTML5
• Fix internal linking problems on your website so that search engines can crawl and index it properly.
• Redesigning your index page so that it looks professional

Strange but true

You might not believe it, but the poor design of websites of numerous law firms hampers search engines from crawling and indexing them. This is where the services of a professional lawyer SEO firm make the difference. Their professionals will discuss with you to determine your requirements and make necessary changes on your site. Are you aware that back links from authoritative legal websites, pointing towards your site, can boost its page ranking significantly? They will also develop content assets people want to link to and getting these assets in front of people who are able to link to them.

Content is king

Google likes sites that contain informative articles… updated on a regular basis. Most law firm SEO firms will simply optimize your website and leave it to you to update it with content. Some of them will persuade you to sign an annual contract for maintaining your site. They will then pass on the content creation process to individuals who hardly have any knowledge of legal terms. Professionals of a lawyer SEO firm keep themselves updated about the latest trends. This allows them to write useful and informative content and upload the same on your site on a regular basis. This helps in pushing up your site on the search engine result page (SERP) significantly. If necessary, the professionals will check the strategies employed by your competitors, improve, and implement those plans on your website.


Different approach for local clients

Individuals are always on the lookout for local attorneys. A lawyer SEO professional will tweak your site by developing hyper local keyword based, and mobile friendly content. This will help your website to be able to pick up a greater share of the potential business available in your area since your prospective clients can see your exact location with the help of Google Maps. Remember, Google tries to provide as accurate a result as possible to an individual. The professional lawyers SEO firms also include geo specific terms that help individuals track down an attorney closest to them. Can you imagine the positive impact this will have on your business?

Personal injury attorneys

Instead of hiring the first firm law firm you come across online, note down the contact information of a couple of them. Contact each of them individually and ask them what measures they plan to enhance the SERP of your website. Certain firms check your website, find the flaws on it, and create a short website audit video containing in depth analysis of your website and that of your competitors. They will also provide you with a plan of action they plan to implement to improve the ranking of your site. If you used a common template for your site, they will replace that with a custom one that impresses visitors and gives them the feeling that they are dealing with a professional law firm. Apart from updating your website regularly with informative content, they will publish that content on social media for lawyers and web 2.0 sites, each containing a back link to your website. Boost the popularity of your personal injury legal services website by getting it fine tuned with the help of a dedicated lawyer SEO firm.

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